Five rounds rapid

Nicholas Courtney, known to at least three or four generations of “Doctor Who” fans as the Brigadier, died yesterday at 82. He was the only actor to work with all eight of the Doctor’s incarnations prior to the 2005 series revival.

Courtney was noteworthy for his ability to stand up as a worthy foil for the Doctor — not easy when your character’s defining trait is his stiff upper lip and the Doctor is a scene-chewing role that tends to bring out the manic side of actors. Even visibly weakened in his final appearance, in “The Sarah Jane Adventures” in 2008, he dominated the screen with his oddly endearing combination of grace and stiffness.

I could go endlessly, but instead I’ll turn things over to Kirk, a military man for whom I have much respect, to talk about one of television’s finest military men:

Farewell to the Brig. Five rounds rapid in your honor.

— Paul F. P. Pogue


~ by poguesrun on February 23, 2011.

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